25% of College And Elite Athletes Use Marijuana

25% of College And Elite Athletes Use Marijuana

Apr 6th 2020

25% of College And Elite Athletes Use Marijuana

25% of College And Elite Athletes Use Marijuana

With at least one in four college athletes reporting that they have used marijuana within the past year, it’s no wonder that the use of medical marijuana is increasing in sports worldwide. In a review of 37 studies, athletes reported a 25% use of medical marijuana and reported using cannabis for a wide range of reasons.

Most athletes suggested that the use of cannabis helps them to reduce soreness and pain, improve their performance and improve their overall sleep for recovery as well.

Scientifically these results are warranted as marijuana contains both THC and CBD which are heavy anti-inflammatories. Marijuana can reduce the swelling that often contributes to aches and pains that are associated with postworkout and post-performance injuries. The anti-inflammatory effects of medical marijuana can help the body to recover faster after a hard workout. Cannabinoids have been shown to have a series of antispasmodic components which can also help to reduce muscle spasms and relax extremely tight muscles after athletic events. Cannabis is also commonly used by college-level athletes to reduce anxiety. As many of these athletes are focused on putting in performances that could one day lead to a professional career, having a reduction in anxiety can often lead to a better sports performance and a better performance in the classroom as well.

There are a series of studies that would suggest there is a slightly negative impact on performance associated with marijuana use. Although marijuana can be extremely beneficial for assisting with athletic recovery, it may not necessarily enhance the performance of the competition level.

Studying the overall impact of this athletic performance could be difficult if there is an extreme variability between the nature of movement in many sports types and competition levels. There’s variability associated with the use of marijuana and performance enhancement and there’s also difficulty with a series of states that are legalizing recreational cannabis use and some states that are holding strong. Some understand and approve the beneficial nature of cannabis products with athletes, further studies would need to be created and this would likely mean mass legalization of medical cannabis for use on an athletic stage.

The other problem associated with elite athletes using medical marijuana is not just the legality of the medication but also the standards of each athletic league. A variety of professional performance athletic leagues have banned the use of many substances with CBD and marijuana being placed near the top of the list. As many college teams introduce drug testing for athletes it could be a major risk for many athletes to consider using medical marijuana or cannabis-based products to enhance their training.

Nevertheless, medical marijuana has been shown to produce a number of performance enhancements related to pushing training further. The biggest benefit being with recovery and a reduction in pain. For certain extreme cases with extreme sports or heavy contact sports, improvements to muscle relaxation as well as the reduction in anxiety can enhance performance. This is because cannabis-based products can reduce the incidence of fear memories. Fear memories can often hold an athlete back in a moment of extreme athletics, rather than fearing a moment of contact or feeling anxiety towards a particular moment, the athlete would be able to enhance their performance with this reduction in anxiety.

The Science Behind Athletics And Weed

One of the most comprehensive studies on athletics and cannabis use occurred in the year 2011. This study showcase some of the positive effects on athletes including improvements to vision and concentration, an increase in how oxygen reaches connective tissues, and the ability to help athletes with their fear experiences, a reduction in muscle spasms, aid in pain relief and more.

Long-term studies are said to be completed throughout this year with over $3 million in research grants funded through NIH on athletic performance and cannabinoid impact on the human body. What many professionals would suggest is using tablets, tinctures or animals is often a better choice for athletes. As smoking marijuana can often cause lung damage or diminished capacity, choosing a smokeless option is often a favorable way to utilize medical marijuana or canvas products for athletes.

If you are an athlete seeking a competitive edge and cannabis-based products are not deemed illegal for your program or league, you may want to consider utilizing cannabis for an improvement. Contact us today for the best cannabis in the industry!