Using Medical Marijuana To Increase Elderly Patient’s Appetites

Using Medical Marijuana To Increase Elderly Patient’s Appetites

Apr 20th 2020

Using Medical Marijuana To Increase Elderly Patient’s Appetites

Using Medical Marijuana To Increase Elderly Patient’s Appetites

As many older people age their appetites also change alongside their bodies and physical characteristics. Many seniors find themselves wanting to eat less as they grow older but proper nutrition remains very important even as people continue to age. As the aging population has a larger vulnerability to disease, seniors that have appetite problems can often run into problems with their immune systems as well. A new solution to seniors that struggle with appetite problems has been to use appetite boosting cannabis to assist seniors in getting their daily nutritional requirements.

The Causes of Appetite Problems In Elderly Patients

Changes in Smell/Taste

As we continue to age our senses change and refine. This is the reason why you like many foods that you didn’t enjoy when you were a child. Food will continue to taste differently as we age. Medications will also change the way that food tastes and with many seniors relying on the use of medications to manage conditions, this can throw off their appetite.

Mobility Issues And Dental Issues

When a senior is not as active there’s also a good chance that they won’t crave food in the same way that they did when they were extremely active. Patients that have mobility issues or problems with their teeth may also be against the idea of regular mealtimes.

Lower Metabolic Rates

Seniors often have a lower metabolic rate and this means they do not do much physical activity and they don’t need as many calories.

Mood Disorders

A series of major life transitions can happen when seniors get older, this can often cause depression and anxiety and both of these disorders can affect appetite.


Elderly anorexia is a common psychological disorder and a symptom of a series of other conditions. Nearly 70% of deaths related to anorexia happen in the elderly population.

Medical Conditions And Treatments

A series of treatments for conditions like cancer can often lower appetite and wreak havoc on the body. This can make eating very difficult for seniors undergoing this treatment.

There isn’t always a problem that is behind elderly appetite loss. Sometimes this can be seen as just a normal part of aging, if you were a loved one has been having appetite issues it may be the sign of a serious condition or cause problems with immune system functions. Speaking to a medical professional can be crucial at this time.

Some of The Issues Caused By Low Appetite

Ignoring the low appetite and making sure that a low appetite remains unaddressed could result in some of these top problems:

Illnesses Left Undetected

Failure to treat appetite loss can lead to potential issues such as missing out on an underlying illness or missing the chance for immediate treatment on an underlying illness.

Difficulty Recovering From An Illness

A lack of nutrition often makes it more difficult for the body to fight back against various medical conditions. Common conditions for seniors like Cachexia require constant nutrients to treat.

Eating Disorders

The early signs of anorexia can be managed with medical marijuana or other interventions. And appetite issue that’s causing early anorexia could continue to predispose someone to further eating disorders.

Muscle weakness

Not getting the right amount of nutrients can often lead to muscle weakness and improve the overall risk for falls and accidents. The fall could severely harm a senior patient, the need for ongoing nutrients is required.

Higher Risk of Death or Hospitalization

Malnutrition statistically increases the chance of a person having to enter into the hospital or facing fatal consequences.

Many of these problems associated with seniors and a lowering of their nutrients may seem like an alarming circumstance. Early detection and treatment can help to prevent the chance of these dangerous occurrences.

How Medical Marijuana Can Assist

Boosting Anandamide Levels

This can change the suppression of these signals which can be the body feeling hungry. This will ensure that seniors feel more receptive to eating.

Ghrelin Boost

Marijuana-based medicine encourages your body to produce more Ghrelin which improves the severity of your hunger.

Improving Smell And Taste

If the patient is hindered by their senses, cannabis medicine can make sure that your sense of smell can be stronger and that you can enjoy an enhanced level of taste as well.

Dopamine Production

Dopamine creates positive feelings and for seniors that are reducing their nutrient intake as a result of depression or anxiety, enhancing dopamine production can provide positive reinforcement for eating.

These are just a few of the top ways that medical marijuana can assist seniors that are having difficulty with their appetite. If you or someone you know is experiencing these issues in an early onset, you may want to recommend using medical marijuana as a solution.

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