What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Mar 17th 2020

What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts. These products are essentially infused alcohol that contain a number of the components of cannabis to serve as a dosing method for the many benefits of cannabis. Tinctures are commonly referred to as a smokeless consumption method and this is because many people that are using medical marijuana or medical cannabis are able to use this as a method that is less damaging to the lungs than methods like rolling and smoking marijuana or utilizing pipes.

How To Use Tinctures

Tinctures often come with eye droppers which are designed to help users to self measure their dosage. The easiest way to dose using tinctures is to start with a 1 mL drop of the tincture and then place the dosage under your tongue, letting it absorb. Start slowly ramping up the volume of your dosage to eventually find a volume that you’re happy with. It may take you several days in order to find a dosage that works best for you, but it is possible to eventually manage a dosage that can provide you with the benefits you require without making you uncomfortably high.

The largest advantage of using tinctures is that they can often last for many years. If they’re stored in the ideal conditions, you can enjoy a long shelf life and one of the safest and most accurate ways that you can use cannabis products.

Tinctures are also one of the lowest-calorie alternatives to edibles. Many cannabis users prefer edibles as a smokeless solution but tinctures are one of the best alternatives because they have considerably lower calories. Tinctures are often made up using a 190 proof alcohol and the dosage that you receive is only around 7 cal in each milliliter. With a typical cannabis edible having a calorie count around 100 cal, you will be able to access the power of edibles without having to worry about extra calories.

If you are worried about the flavor of tinctures, they can also be easily integrated for your dosage into a wide range of food. You can add a few drops into your meals if your cooking them or add tinctures into items like juices, ice cream, soups, jello, salad dressing or even your favorite mashed potatoes. The infusions that you can add to various meals can make sure that there’s an easy way to get your dose of cannabis for medical or recreational reasons.

Can I Make My Own Tinctures?

It’s extremely simple to make cannabis tinctures with a DIY project at home. You’ll just need access to high proof alcohol, a strainer, a strain of cannabis products and a jar.

Grind up the flowers into a fine consistency and then mix the flour and extract in the Mason jar with high proof alcohol like Everclear. Close up the jar and let it sit for a few weeks and make sure to shake it at least once a day. After a few weeks have passed you can filter out all of the extra organic material with a coffee filter and then begin with a 1-milliliter dose to check the potency of the tincture.

How Fast Do Tinctures Work?

The first time that you take a tincture you may be wondering how long it’s going to take for you to access the effects. When you are taking a tincture with your tongue, it can be rapidly absorbed. The arterial blood supply that can be found under your tongue to rapidly absorb a variety of materials so dissolving the tincture dose under your tongue is one of the fastest ways to feel effects.

If you would like to slow the release of the effects you could also add a tincture dosage to your food to experience results within 30 to 45 min.. Dosing under the tongue can have you expect effects within 15 min.

The effects of a tincture can often last longer than smoking or using a vaporizer. The effects don’t typically last as long as using a concentrated butter or oil-based edible but you can experience a peak at around 90 min. From the 90 min peak the feeling will start to subside and you can continue to feel the effects for 2-4 hours after your peak, depending on your dosage.

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