Rock Island Pudding Cookies

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What's the best cookie you’ve ever had? I wouldn’t be surprised if you know exactly the cookie, the memory is right on the tip of the tongue. The location, the time, the company, all of it preserved in that cookie of cookies. When I think of the best cookie I’ve ever had, I’m transported to Rock Island, Illinois and I can clearly hear the answer to the question written all over my face when I bit into that cookie…“the secret is the pudding.”


I've never forgotten that cookie. The exact recipe was never discussed, but the pudding was the secret, and I’ve interpreted that secret into Rock Island Pudding Cookies. I want to honor the best cookie I’ve ever had with my attempt at imitation, afterall, imitation is the highest form of flattery. The best cookie I’ve ever had takes me to Rock Island. May these cookies bring Rock Island to you. Enjoy!


Forrest A. Hainline IV, LOCAL'd Baker


Standard | One Cookie
Premium | Two Cookies
Deluxe | Four Cookies

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