The Mighty Heard - WORD

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Ten years in the making, Growroom Productions is proud to present The Mighty Heard - WORD, a 12-track album of 100% original and fully live hip-hop, funk and soul.

Containing some of the best live band hip-hop, neo-soul, raw funk and stone groove classics this side of Mars, WORD is sure to please any music connoisseur. Wah-wah guitars, funky horns, soulful vocals, pocket percussion, and hip-hop swagger meld perfectly to create the Mid-Atlantic funk sound of The Mighty Heard. Their chemistry became apparent from downbeat in 2003 and was honed over years of local and regional touring, performing at the Washington, DC area's highest regarded live music establishments and outdoor festivals, until life and professions took them on different paths in 2012. Luckily for music fans across the globe, The Mighty Heard album was already fully recorded.

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