LOCAL’d is a helping hand to the companies that strengthen your community in the Washington, DC area. Helping them to grow through financial and promotional support, LOCAL’d is the sidekick every superhero would want.

Our goal is for our partners to reach their goal. Through the various marketing tools we provide our featured businesses, financial goals established at the onset of the campaign will be met, in turn bringing these companies to the next level.

You may ask yourself, “how can a start up help a start up?” And what we’ll say is “two is better than one.” Our unique blend of social media marketing techniques and brand awareness events, paired with the marketing of the featured business, is the assured recipe for success.


1. Create an account 2. Select a city 3. Select an item and package (standard, premium or deluxe) 4. Check Out 5. Prepare for delivery (on demand within 1 hour) *Note: On Demand Delivery times can vary based on peak hours.