Visiting DC? Know the Laws

So you’ve been curious about how to safely get Cannabis in Washington DC, and just stumbled upon LOCAL’d. You’re intrigued but slightly confused about how this works, and you’re (rightfully so) questioning the legalities of getting weed in a new place. 

Fear not, new friend. I’m a longtime customer of LOCAL’d, and I’ve got you covered!

Sourced and operated by and for Washingtonians, the LOCAL’d business model revolves completely around DC’s Initiative 71.

Before I can go any further, it’s imperative to understand what Initiative 71 does and does not do for those living (or hanging out) in The District of Columbia:

In November 2014 voters in the District of Columbia approved the implementation of Initiative 71, which permits the use of up to two ounces of marijuana and the possession and cultivation of up to three marijuana plants per person.

According to many cannabis advocacy websites such as, election law for the District of Columbia did not allow a citizen initiative to mandate the expenditure of city funds. This measure prevented Initiative 71 from addressing the regulation and legalization of marijuana sales because a regulatory system would require substantial city resources.

Therefore, Initiative 71 simply legalized possession and personal cultivation, and excludes all sales of cannabis products. In layman’s terms, that means you can legally use and posses marijuana, but you must cultivate it yourself…OR be GIFTED it from someone who’s done the hard work for you (like the fine people at LOCAL’d).

According to District law, gifted cannabis products can be given to those who are non residents of the city as well.

Yes new friend, you did read that correctly! Those who are just vacationing and/or spending time in Washington DC are also able get their hands on some high quality cannabis products.

Read the Q and A below as a quick and easy guide to ordering as a non-local, LOCAL’d customer:

Q: Are there any restrictions I need to consider before shopping with LOCAL’d?

A: In order to remain within the boundaries of Washington DC laws, each individual looking to exercise their rights under Initiative 71 must be 21 and over. Every LOCAL’d customer must provide a valid government ID upon each delivery, and will not receive their gift otherwise. This government ID does NOT need to be a District of Columbia license. You can provide any current state license and/or a current passport.

Q: What if I am visiting Washington DC, but I’m staying somewhere just outside of the DC city limit?

A: LOCAL’d can only deliver your products and gifts when you are on District of Columbia land. For this reason, LOCAL’d has put together a map of the city with some recommended delivery addresses. Choose the “On Demand” option, or schedule your delivery time the day before. Then, show up and hang out for your delivery! LOCAL’d will always notify you when your order has been confirmed and is on the way, so it is easy to time your transaction smoothly with a little forethought and planning. 


Q: Can I bring my items outside of DC once I’ve received them?

A: Initiative 71 only protects those who possess or use cannabis products in The District of Columbia. LOCAL’d advises you to always consume and possess your gift within District limits only, and does not endorse breaking the law to transport your products elsewhere.

DISCLAIMER: The products LOCAL’d offers are only intended for LOCAL’d customers who are using LOCAL’d gifts within the guidelines of Initiative 71, and who understand that operating heavy machinery (cars, trucks, planes, ect) under the influence of any intoxicant, including marijuana is dangerous and stupid.

Support public transit or a use a ride sharing service like Lyft, and enjoy your buzz even more by knowing you’re being responsible.

Check out the FAQ page to learn more basic information about LOCAL’d. 

Still have questions? Contact the LOCAL’d support team during business hours for more information.