Cannabis Concentrates And Extracts: A Quick Intro

Cannabis Concentrates And Extracts: A Quick Intro

Jun 8th 2020

Cannabis Concentrates And Extracts: A Quick Intro

Cannabis Concentrates And Extracts: A Quick Intro

The cannabis plant is filled with a series of properties that are called Terpenes. These ingredients which include cannabinoids, resin, and more can be extracted and put into an extremely powerful concentrate.

Concentrate to change the way that many people are consuming cannabis worldwide and even though some of these extracts have been available for years, the use of these items has become much more extensive because of new brands, flavors. Potencies and effects in this article were going to explain some of the basics of cannabis extracts and how they can have a benefit to your lifestyle.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

A cannabis concentrate is at its core a concentration of chemical constituents from cannabis. By using the cannabinoids and terpenes which can be found in the cannabis plant it’s possible to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in a highly distilled format. There are many ways to extract these nutrients that often involves the process of separating the trichomes from cannabis flowers. Trichomes are the crystals that you’ll often find covering cannabis flowers and may contain many of the chemicals that cannabis has for its characteristics. Depending on the type of Tricicomes that a flower has, the chemical formula will be different as well as the effects.

Bulbous trichomes: These are trichomes only made up of one to four cells and they are usually only 25 to 30 microns tall. These will form only a small bubble containing resin.

Capitate-sessile trichomes: These types of trichomes can be found in much larger numbers than the first type. They’re made up of between 8 to 16 cells and they often have a diameter ranging from 25 to 100 microns.

Capitate-stalked trichomes: These are glandular trichomes and these can be some of the largest that can be found in cannabis. They often measure between 150 to 500 microns and these are the most responsible for producing cannabinoids. Most extracts are produced using these types of trichomes and they are often found in specific strains of cannabis.

There are some differences between cannabis concentrates as well as extracts:

Would cannabis concentrates, you will be getting an accumulation of the various trichomes. These materials are made without using any type of solvent and it simply extracts the tricomes from the plant in a very natural process. And extract is a type of concentrate that is created using a solvent. The solvent process often involves alcohol, dioxide or a special solution to remove the important and concentrated items from the plant.

The Main Types of Cannabis Concentrate

When you are seeking cannabis concentrates its important to know what you should be looking for. Most of these concentrates are distinguished based off of the t main method for extraction, they often differ in texture and experience. Some of the most popular cannabis concentrates include:


Kief is a Simple cannabis extract and it involves the use of sleeves for separating trichomes from dry cannabis materials. The buds and the method for extraction often forms an extremely fine golden powder. The process for extraction here often involves a multi-chamber grinder or a series of screens to eventually weed out all of the substrate materials to be left with only the concentrate.

Dry Sift Hash

Hash is most commonly main from sifted kief that is heated and pressed into dark bricks.


This is otherwise known as finger hash. Involves putting pressure on live cannabis buds between the hands. The friction of pushing together the plant will form a dark resin in the palm which is then collected and rolled into spheres or snakes.

Bubble Hash

This mixture is often made using icewater, agitation and bubble bags. The process removes the trichomes from cannabis buds after they have been frozen. Using water can be a much cleaner extraction process than butane or other high heat methods fo extraction.

Types of Extracts

If you are seeking a Concentrated extract, there are a few methods for extraction that you can consider as well:

Full Melt

A full melt extract utilizes propane, butane or CO2 instead of using a dry sifting or water method. The process here involves the use of melting the trimmed flowers down to the point where a puddle is formed when they are dabbed. Most of these extracts will melt completely because they contain very little extra materials from the high heat. These are some of the highest quality extracts produced with heat or chemical means.

Shatter (BHO)

BHO or butane hash oil is used to separate trichomes from dried cannabis. The butane is added and then slowly cooked off to produce a concentrated oil which can be dried into a dense or sandy crumble.


Rosin uses 0 solvents and heat to build up pressure and extract the resin from dried cannabis buds. It is often made with specialized presses.

Live Resin

This process extracts cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis. It is made using fresh cannabis buds frozen right after harvest for a rich extract that can be extremely potent.

If you are interested in trying cannabis concentrates and extracts, you should consider any of these top options to get started. Although there are many to choose from, any of these top solutions can provide you with excellent results from concentrate or extract. Contact us today!