Indica Vs Sativa: What’s The Difference Between Cannabis Types

Indica Vs Sativa: What’s The Difference Between Cannabis Types

May 4th 2020

Indica Vs Sativa: What’s The Difference Between Cannabis Types

When you are searching for cannabis strains or considering purchasing cannabis for the first time, you might notice that the majority of stores have a series of strains that are commonly broken up into three main groups which include hybrid, sativa and indica strains. Most consumers that are familiar with cannabis have an idea of the effects of each strain, but here are some of the characteristics that you can use as a guide.


This strain is more commonly thought to be physically sedating and perfect for relaxation.


This strain is designed to be more uplifting to have a cerebral effect that can be conducive with creative projects, social gatherings and even physical activity.


These strains often find the balance between the two delivering the effects of both indica and sativas. Depending on the potency of each strain in the hybrid, you may experience more in the way of relaxation or a greater invigoration.

When you arrive at a dispensary or browse an online shop it’s likely that you will be asked what type of cannabis that you are looking for. Because of the different effects caused by each strain, most people are likely to purchase one type or the other.

The chemical ingredients that can be found in each type of strain are slightly different and it comes from the terpenes and cannabinoids that are found in each of the plants. You may notice that there are some of these strains that may even look different. The physical distinction between these strains comes down to the way they grow. The plants often have a predetermined shape based off of their genetics and they grow in different ways as well.

Sativa plants often have a taller stature to them, they flower for a longer period of time and they are often better suited for warmer climates for a longer growth season. Indica plants are often much shorter in stature, with leaves that are quite broad as well as a shorter flowering cycle. These types of plants are much better suited to a colder climate and they don’t have to have as strict climate controls.

If you are trying to understand which strain you like the best, it’s usually a good idea to consider experimenting and knowing the chemical ingredients that make up your favourite strain. By taking a look at the shapes and colors of the weed that you like the most, you can get a good idea of the style of strains that are going to help you enjoy the best results. This is why so many dispensaries and stores that sell cannabis products often keep samples out to give customers an idea of the leaf shape and the look of the product before they purchase.

The Difference in Cannabinoids

Cannabis plants are composed of hundreds of chemical compounds and the two main compounds that determine the effects of cannabis products are CBD and THC. The balance of these two compounds changes the way that we feel between the main strains. You’ll often see the rough percentage of THC or CBD in may cannabis products on websites. CBD is a cannabidiol that offers a non-intoxicating compound. It’s often associated with the feelings of alleviation and stress reduction. THC works to make us feel more cerebrally high and it can often produce the symptoms of hunger while alleviating symptoms of nausea, pain and more.

CBD dominant strains often contain only small amounts of THC and these can be an excellent option for those that are quite sensitive to THC. THC dominant strains are extremely potent and they are designed to help people alleviate anxiety, insomnia, depression and more. If you find yourself feeling anxious with THC, you can consider trying a strain that is more dominant with CBD.

A balanced THC and CBD strain will give you the option of feeling the effects of both. This can be the best support for those that want to use cannabis medically for symptom relief. It’s also an excellent choice for those that want to enjoy a truly signature high from both ends of the cannabis spectrum.

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